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The Sakari Method of
"Mastering The Five Disciplines"
For Classical Guitar

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Do You  Own a Beautiful and Expensive Classical Guitar
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You know, traditionally I have questioned the ability
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of quickly skipping to the last few lessons that
bring my covetted techniques to a breathtaking
conclusion and pro-level skills. 

"Most" would also skip around the 30 lessons
and not fully integrate the
building block manner in which I teach
classical guitar technique.

This is why, when I took my ideas online, I decided
to deliver my course over time.

BUT, if you feel you have the self-discipline
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"The Sakari Method Deluxe Edition" contains
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Whether you are a flat out beginner of classical guitar
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"The Sakari Method of Mastering The Five Disciplines
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    Remember, I'm always available to answer questions
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Practice Wisely, Play Sooner !

K. Sakari Heikkila